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Our Walk: Do you remember our walk?

Duo exhibition of Park Chae Dalle & Park Chae Biole at Space Of, Seoul, Korea, 2021


Imprint (collaboration with Chae Dalle Park), wood, wheels, yarn, oil paint, string, 200 x 180 cm, 2021

The artists Park Chae Dalle and Park Chae Biole shared many aspects of their lives. Not just because they were born in the same day, but because they've lived together most of their lives. If so, have they seen the same world and thought the same thing? Will they remember the same thing?


Life itself is like a walk. As a walk is completed with steps without clear purpose, life is not made of a single purpose but a series of continuous moments. Just as we see and think differently while taking a walk together, they have spent most of their lives together but have lived them differently.

Our Walk, is an exhibition that simultaneously looks at the steps they have taken along with the landscapes they shared along the trail.


Also, Do you remember our walk? is a a question to one another. Sometimes we ask questions not to find the answer, but to remind us of something we've temporarily forgotten. And the wish to keep the forgotten things in the future is also contained in the question. Therefore, the above question is not only to recover something that Park Chae Biole and Park Chae Dalle had in the past, but also not to lose something important for the future.


They weren't the only ones on the trail they walked. Many of the people they met along the way accompanied them on their walks or even helped them experience new paths. There is a space to introduce the works of artists who they met, that influences each other and continues to exchange.


Wonwoo Kim 


Details of Imprint

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Installation view from Our Walk

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